Auto Detailing: What is it and How Can Your Car Benefit From it?

A car is one of the most expensive and luxury possessions you will come to purchase in your lifetime. With so much money you invest in your car, you definitely need to take adequate care and protective measures when it comes to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Car detailing is one of the few important car-care activities you can do yourself or hire a professional todo.

The major aim of car detailing is to restore your vehicle’s paintwork and interior to as close to its original form and have it look and feel like new. Car detailing involves going over every part of your vehicle to remove any dirt, dust, grease, and stains that can damage the interior or paint of your car. There are other measures only done by Certified professionals like a Ceramic coating like Ceramic Pro which I am certified to install. I will explain more in detail on my blog page or you can go to my Ceramic Pro page for more information.

What is Auto Detailing?

before and after dodge ram
Before and after Dodge Ram

Car detailing or auto detailing is a very common term among vehicle owners. Generally, the meaning of car detailing is the process of cleaning and conditioning the interior, polishing of the paint and protecting all parts of a car from top to bottom with either a sealant or ceramic coating, via the use of special tools and products. Car detailing is a very critical process that can be done by yourself in your own garage with enough practice and patience or you can go to a professional shop in your local area.

The processes of car detailing

1.The wheels and wheel wells

​The wheels and wheel wells are usually the dirtiest and most contaminated part of every car. Therefore, this part is first washed critically with special brushes and special rim cleaner or acid, If your wheels are not that dirty a simple all-purpose works great! After the wheels and wheel wells have been thoroughly washed it is on to the whole exterior.

2.Soaking and Rinsing

Foaming action​​The first step of the car exterior detailing process is usually to completely foam the vehicle and allow it to soak if you don’t have a foam cannon you can rinse the vehicle off really well! This will eventually soften and dissolve any dirt and lift off oily substances prior to rinsing. During this period, soft-bristled detailing brush can be used to softly agitate some delicate areas like the window rubbers, grills, plastic, and badges. After some time, the foam, together with the loosened particles are then thoroughly rinsed off. After those steps foam the car one more time and go over it with a new microfiber mitt to make sure you got all the dirt and grime off the surface of the paint.

3.Claying and lubrication

After the car wheels and paint have been thoroughly washed, the next stage is to clay the paint using specialized automotive clay bar and lubricant. This lubricant helps to remove any bonded surface dirt that ordinary washing could not remove. This is a very important stage of car detailing as these contaminants, if not removed, can hinder the entire polishing process and prevent a top-quality cleaning from being achieved.


polishing the paint​The polishing process is usually in stages as it requires different grades of abrasives to polish, correct, and refine the surfaces. In fact, this process can take several hours or even days to complete. Polishing helps to remove any light scratches, hazing, swirl marks, and other surface imperfections. Polishing is usually done with the help of a rotary or dual-action polishing machine. This stage is usually labor-intensive and time-consuming it is best if you are not experienced to get a professional to handle this job.

5.Protection and Ceramic coatings

​The next stage is to protect your investment. There are several products that can be used for protection. Some detailers prefer carnauba wax products while others make use of ceramic coatings. The major aim of the Ceramic coatings is to provide years if not lifetime of tough, long-lasting protection to the paintwork. More so, these Ceramic coatings are modified to provide a high level of gloss and rain sheeting features to the vehicle’s paint. Further details on the Ceramic PRO coatings are discussed later on the blog’s website or go to my Ceramic PRO page for more info!
After the paint has been sufficiently polished and adequately protected, attention is then shifted to the other exterior parts. The windows and glass are also polished if needed and protected with GlassParency or consumer grade Rain-X. The plastics, vinyl, and rubbers are likewise revived and dressed to restore and protect them. The wheels and brake callipers are other parts that may be polished and waxed or coated as well. The engine bay area is not left out of course. In fact, some detailers prefer to tackle this area first before moving to the exterior parts of the car.
The interior parts of the car, including the upholstery, are likewise vacuumed and thoroughly shampooed or to remove all forms of dirt and stains and debris. The headliner is also cleaned while the leather is thoroughly scrubbed to remove all form of dirt deep in the grain before they are conditioned and protected. The interior detailing is also another time-consuming process because even the smallest vent is properly dealt with using different kinds of brushes. In the end, the aim is to remove the small dust particle’s from the tightest spots on the car.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is to keep your car clean and protected there are a lot of time and steps involved. Keeping your car clean and protected has its advantages though, Higher resale value, better looks from your neighbours and you are not driving around in garbage even an old car can look new with a good detail! If you are not up for the work or are looking for a Ceramic coating I can not suggest enough to head to a local auto detailer in your area. Their prices are usually reasonable with maintenance packages to keep your vehicle in the best shape it can look all the time!

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