Ceramic Pro For Your Car

I​ know you’ve come across the word Ceramic Pro especially if you’ve recently bought a new car. It’s a term that’s familiar to most car buyers or is coming to the norm. In most cases, even before delivery, you can choose to apply a ceramic coating to your car.

With the latest advancements in technology, the auto detailing industry has not been left behind. The Nano-coating technology was developed to give your car that extra shine and protection it deserves. Wait! For you to really understand this technology, you need to know what it’s all about.

Therefore, in this article, I will give you a breakdown of Ceramic Pro coating and how relevant it is to your vehicle. One more thing, did you know that Ceramic Pro can offer amazing protection for both your exterior and interior? More on the same down below.

I will also give you the entire truth on why use Ceramic Pro for your car. Shall we get started?

What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro logoWhen you get that ride of your dream, it somehow loses that showroom shine after some time. This is something I’m sure you can all relate to. Unfortunately, the shine never returns. You will end up feeling as dull as the paint job on your car.

In the end, your car ends up in the garage faded and rusted you’re left with no other option but to buy another car or get a paint job done. I don’t know about you but if you ask my opinion, I don’t usually feel the second paint job as much as the first one. That is why I will always look for a way to maintain the original colour in its best version.

After roaming around looking for a ceramic coating for my car, I stumbled upon Ceramic Pro. Get this! You don’t have to wax your car again EVER!

What does ceramic pro coating do to your car?

​​When we apply a ceramic coating to your car, the Nano-coating offers a sought of skin to maintain the inner beauty. The polymer forms a chemical bond with your original paint. The result is a coat that not even chemicals can scar.
When this process is done correctly (we believe this should be done by a professional), the result will be long-lasting. No more regular waxing to keep your car looking classy. Just maintain the paint with a  foam wash and mit and your good to go. Ask your detailer for more info on maintaining that shine!

​The difference between ceramic pro and waxing

the difference between coatings and waxThe difference between wax and coatings

Typically, there are two types of wax in the market. These wax are used to protect your vehicle’s paint and at the same time bring out their true shine. That is carnauba wax and paint sealants. 
Carnauba wax lasts anywhere between 1 – 2 months. Paint sealants, on the other hand, can last anywhere 2 – 4 months Well, as you can see, the wax is more of a regular routine. On the other hand, Ceramic Pro is more lasting and can produce unreal results. However, it requires a professional to get it right. If you mess up even a little bit when applying Ceramic Pro, then your car paint might be in more trouble than good.
At Reflective Auto Detailing, we can assure you of quality work that will not only impress you but also give your paint a lasting look. That’s because all our services are handled by professionals. You can also choose to add the protection of ceramic pro to your leather seats. Meaning you can also have your interior protected. 

Top 10 Benefits of Ceramic Pro to your car

Though most people by now literally have no idea of Ceramic Pro, it has actually brought a lot of improvements. There are several reasons why you should actually consider Ceramic Pro.

1. Paint protection 

With the Nano-coating, you will get a strong protective coat that can block all manner of foreign materials. On top of that, the coat also ensures that the materials do not cause any harm to your car. 
On any given day, your car is capable of enduring any type of attack. From accidental scratches to dirt and mud among other contaminants. Majority of the attacks on your car are usually inescapable, especially on the road. 
The Ceramic Pro coating ensures that your original paint is encased in a layer that can handle damage without having the major effect on your car’s paint. Amazing right?

2. Durable Coat

Ceramic Pro layers

When Ceramic Pro is applied the nano coating, it actually turns into a glass layer on your cars paint. The new coating that’s added fuses with the surface of your automobile. The result is a hydrophobic surface that can’t be harmed by harmful UV rays and harmful chemicals. Whereas, the traditional coating for instance wax, are known for wearing off when exposed to extreme heat or most chemicals.

3. All Weather Resistant

Ceramic Pro helps protect against the roughest winters take it from a Canadian. Ceramic Pro protects against acid rain, water spots, road salt and much more. You don’t have to worry about the summer weather since the coat is able to reflect off the extra heat and all the UV rays protecting your paint from fading.
If you want a more practical example, you can also check out the videos on this page showing an experiment where a test was conducted showing the effect of Ceramic Pro on a car.
Don’t just take my word for it, you can see the video to actually know what I’m talking about. 

4. Easy to Clean 

Aside from the protection that Ceramic Pro coating provides, there are also other factors that benefit your vehicle. In most cases, we easily overlook the other benefits of Nano-Ceramic coating. But not today. 
Since the coat provides a protective covering, it means that you can clean the car with a lot of ease. That’s not all! As the coat protects the inner beauty of your vehicle, it also has a smooth effect. Which means you can wash away any particles on the surface of your automobile quite easily.
Most of the dirt particles and other contaminants are unable to stick on the surface of your car. This will actually reduce the time you spend at the car wash. The particles will fall away without any strain hence leaving the surface in its original pristine state.

5. Never Wax Your Car Again!

A few years back, getting your car waxed was the equivalent to getting Ceramic Pro. However, there were a few challenges when it came to using wax. First, the wax offered less protection as compared to today’s Ceramic Pro.
The other issues were that wax wears off quickly. That means the fresh paint needs to be redone multiple times within the year. Now, let’s talk about Ceramic Pro. This Nano-ceramic coating only requires a single coat and it can last with the right package up to a lifetime!!
Ceramic Pro vs wax

6. Cost-Effective

Okay, this is where most people get wrong. Listen closely. Ceramic Pro is somewhat expensive if you haven’t planned rightfully for the process. But if you have set your mind that that’s what you need in your car, then the procedure is pocket-friendly.
That is because, as compared to wax, ceramic pro is done only once. When you are planning to wax your car, then you need to repeat the process after every few months. The repeat is because waxing fades of easily and you need to maintain the gloss of your ride. So, ceramic pro coating is pocket-friendly when compared to wax in the long run and do I need to mention the protection?

7. 9H Hardness

9H Hardness refers to the SGS pencil hardness test in a range from 1 to 9. Clear coat hardness measures to 2H to 4H so Ceramic Pro is actually harder than your paint. The 9H glass shield is a sacrificial layer against small scratches to your clear coat. Ceramic Pro is actually believed to be harder than 9H but because of the certified SGS test that is as high as it goes. 

8. Ceramic Pro prevents UV damage

During summer, your vehicle is bound to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. When this happens, oxidation will take place on the surface of your paint. Which in most cases will result in a dull surface.
When you protect your car with Ceramic Pro, the coating is strong enough to prevent the UV rays from the sun. Hence, in the long run, this will reduce any form of oxidation on your paint. What more would you be asking for?

9. Hydrophobic

water beading on paint

This is also known as a water repellent. One of the most important features of Ceramic Pro. When your car is covered all over with Ceramic Pro, it will instantly repel water from sticking on your paint surface. 
The character is important since the hydrophobic effect will help you when it comes to beading up water. That means it will easily wash off any amount of dirt and at the same time clean easily. 
Afterward, any remaining dirt will easily wash off without any effort. That means you don’t have to wait for long when you take your car for a maintenance clean.

10.  Last but not least, It makes your car stay clean

Take your time and carefully look at the surface of a car that has Ceramic Pro on the surface. Then compare it to the car beside it without anything done on its surface. You will instantly note the difference and how Ceramic Pro makes your car look even better. With the protection and added gloss with the Hydrophobic effect, you will wow people going down the street or in a parking lot just pull out a water bottle and show them!

Myths associated with Ceramic Pro

1.Ceramic pro will make your car completely scratch proof

​Most people will argue with this point but the truth of the matter is your car will not be scratch proof. Ceramic Pro only makes your paint scratch resistant. There’s actually a huge difference between the two. 
If you accidentally place an iPhone in the water, it’s likely to survive. However, it might not do well when you point a water hose pipe spraying water at it for an hour or so. It’s more than likely it will malfunction. I hope you’re getting my point here. 
The same logic applies to ceramic pro coating. If you stick to the normal procedures of cleaning, then it will last an eternity. On the other hand, if you choose to wash with let’s say steel wool, then it won’t last for long.

2. Ceramic Pro coating is meant for people who don’t know how to value their cars

​​Now, this is my personal favourite. Most people fall into this category. We all imagine that the ceramic pro coating will help us cut completely on the usual wash that our cars will need. That’s a big fat lie. You know why?
The dirt or mud on the surface will not wash off on its own. You need to put in some work. Meaning a regular maintenance wash is quite necessary. The wash will also help you maintain the gloss in your car plus keep your car clean. 
Don’t think you will pass off the clean-up session that your car needs by applying Ceramic Pro. On the contrary, most clients end up even cleaning their car more often than before. I think they generally fall in love with a cleaner and glossy car.

Why Ceramic Pro?


Applying Ceramic Pro is easy and it’s something you can even do it yourself

​​Kindly don’t be deceived by this idea. This is a pure myth and instead of helping your car shine, you might end up doing more harm than good. The coating that offers the most protection and will last for the longest time is one done by professionals and only professionals.
The reason for this is that the coating is quite strong. And the only way it can be removed in case anything goes wrong is by the use of wet sanding. In that case, no professional company would want to incur the extra cost of wet sanding.
That is why our crew is dedicated to giving you the best services without any mishap. More importantly, there’s usually a process that every auto detailer has to undergo before being accredited as a certified installer.
We are professionals who will take care of you and your vehicle. In most cases, companies will always give mild users a mini version of their products.
This is not always a good idea if you are planning to DIY. The application of Ceramic Pro requires professionalism and years of detailing experience. You need to do it in a clean environment with the proper lighting suited for such a task.
If you ask me, it’s better to leave this part to the professionals. There are consumer-grade coatings coming to the market now but nothing goes up against Ceramic Pro.

Tips that you need to know about Ceramic Pro

Washing Ceramic Pro coated car

We recommend that you should always use PH neutral soap when washing your car.  These soaps are the safest since they are mild. The problem will start when you want to clean a very dirty car. But not to worry Ceramic Pro will help with that. Just foam the car let it dwell for 2 to 5 minutes rinse then repeat but go over the paint with a microfiber mitt ensuring you touch all areas of the paint. Rinse well then it’s done if not repeat the steps. Also if you are feeling lazy or just too busy going through a touchless car wash as a touch car wash scratches your paint and voids the warranty!

​Special care

​To make sure you keep care of your Ceramic Pro and warranty always follow all instructions given to you by the certified detailer. The detailer would be more than happy to do monthly, biweekly or weekly maintenance washes on our vehicle. It is also possible to book a yearly review of your Ceramic Pro to make sure you are keeping the right care and it’s holding up to the company standards.
I highly recommend biweekly maintenance washes as the detailer will take care of the Ceramic Pro they applied.
​ and remember NEVER USE A TOUCH CAR WASH!

In summary

The tiny detail is what will give you that bright shine and classy result. Our team will give your vehicle the attention it  needs. Also, we offer Glassparency treatment and auto detailing which are quite important. 
That’s it, guys. Check out the videos on our website for a more visual evidence on Ceramic Pro. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us or comment in case you have any questions. 

Please like and share if you found this info helpful! 

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